Professional Development Anthropology Class visits Joyner Library’s Graduate 101 Training

Associate Professor Bryna Coonin

Professional Development class listens to the presentation.

Bryna Coonin conducting the training session

For our first site visit on ECU campus this spring, the Professional Development Anthropology class visited Joyner Library to participate in a training session entitled, “Graduate 101.” Our expert host and Associate Professor was Bryna Coonin. Dr.
Coonin gave the class an entire overview on how to use many of Joyner Library’s data bases and tools to conduct research as an undergraduate and graduate student.

She showed the class how to use such online research tools as Refworks, AnthroSource and JSTOR. AnthroSource and JSTOR are specific databases for anthropology related research. Bryna Coonin also highlighted the difference between undergraduate research versus graduate research. Her discussion of all the various online research tools were presented in a very practical and informative approach.

Overall, the class including myself learned alot of new information about how to use Joyner library’s research databases. There are a wide variety of databases that can help any student whether first year student, experienced undergraduate, and graduate. I highly recommend that all students at ECU take a research training session from Joyner library instructors and for those who are graduates, check out their new “Graduate 101” tutorial at:

Check out some of the photos of our visit at Joyner’s research computer room.