Graduate School Dean visits Class and First Class Selfie!

Class Selfie with Dean Gemperline

Class Selfie with Dean Gemperline

Today was a very special day for my Professional Development Anthropology class. Our guest speaker, Dean Paul Gemperline of the ECU Graduate School, visited and gave a talk about the graduate school. Specifically, he highlighted the major steps involved in applying to graduate school and how graduate programs evaluate individual applicants to their programs.

For those who are truly interested in graduate school, Dean Gemperline suggested the following:

1. Do your homework on the specific graduate program that you’re interested in;
2. Research the specific graduate program;
3. Track placement of the graduates;
4. Apply to graduate programs when you are ready (either immediately after undergraduate degree or take a year off and then apply – it’s an individual decision);
5. Search the variety of options to finance your graduate school years; and
6. Find ways to distinguish yourself.

After Dean Gemperline’s talk, students asked several excellent detailed questions.

Once his talk had completed, I asked Dean Gemperline to take a couple of photos with me and the class. He gladly agreed and now we have our FIRST CLASS SELFIE with Dean Gemperline! Check it out!