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Global Public Health – Fall 2014

Each semester, I teach an undergraduate course and a graduate course. For the fall, I teach MPH 6007 Global Public Health for the Department of Public Health – MPH program. It is entirely online. This MPH 6007 course is also apart of my Ethnic and Rural Health Disparities (ERHD) Graduate Certificate Online program in the Department of Public Health at East Carolina University.

Each year, this Global Public Health course becomes even more important in the United States and in the world primarily because students and the general public are recognizing that we live in a global environment and global public health issues affect all of us each and everyday.

At the moment, the most significant global public health issue affecting the United States and West Africa is the Ebola Virus. This is one of many topics that my class investigates from our unique approach related to global public health.

The major Course Objectives of my Global Public Health course are:

1. Identify and assess the major components of medical anthropology and public health as they relate to global public health issues.

2. Identify and discuss the major global public health concerns of specific populations from one country to another.

3. Apply principles and strategies derived from medical anthropology and public health toward planning, implementing and evaluating global public health intervention programs.

To check out how this class relates to my ERHD program, please go to my ERHD Blog.

Cultural Anthropology Class – Fall 2014

Cultural Anthro Class

Cultural Anthro Class

Cultural Anthro Class

Cultural Anthro Class

It’s another fall season and I am delighted to be teaching Cultural Anthropology again. Let me see, I believe it’s been almost 26 years since I first started teaching Cultural Anthropology and anthropology courses at the university level and it’s always different each year.

This fall Cultural Anthropology course is another fantastic class in which I am very excited to share the concepts, theories, and practical applications of cultural anthropology with a new set of diverse students at East Carolina University. As a reminder, the course objectives of my Cultural Anthropology class are:

1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to the discipline of Cultural Anthropology – its fundamental principles and key concepts.

2. To encourage awareness of cultural and human diversity.

3. To help all students make sense of our increasingly interconnected world and to find their particular place in it.

4. To help students to find out how they can make a difference in our local and global communities.

As a surprise to my class in September, I took them outside and we conducted an applied cultural anthropology exercise – we did FIELDWORK and we OBSERVED ECU student behavior. Check out a couple of photos: