SPRING 2016 Semester – Teaching an Honors College Seminar Course & 2 Other Courses

It’s hard to believe, but it’s February 2016 already and I haven’t had enough time to update this Course Happenings Blog until now! As you can guess, it has been another busy and amazing Spring semester in which I have very little time just to think about what I’m doing.

Fortunately, this Spring semester I have made the time to RE-ENERGIZE my thought processes and allocated QUALITY time to my courses. Well, this semester I am teaching my first Honors College seminar course and it has been fantastic and exhilarating! The title of my Honors course is:

Breaking the Boundaries of Race in America: Developing Race Relations Solutions for East Carolina University

This Honors seminar course has been a complete pleasure to teach and work with the seven honor students who are taking my class. All of my students have already challenged themselves and others on a number of culturally sensitive race relations issues and now we are in the stage of the class focusing upon SOLUTIONS for race relations issues!! Who would have figured that I would be teaching this type of class at ECU, but I finally am accomplishing this major objective of my teaching career. That is, teach meaningful and thought-provoking classes in which students can be the leaders and the change agents of society.

By the way, here is the course description of the class:

Why is the United States still having major race relations problems in 2016? Do you want to continue to sit along the sidelines or help solve this issue in our country particularly here at ECU? This course aims to examine, discuss, and debate the major concepts and frameworks associated with race relations in America. Students will not only gather background information on this issue through traditional research methods but also gather data by listening to key administrators at ECU and other NC state universities. After students gather this data, they will present their own race relations solutions to the Chancellor’s Office at East Carolina University.

So here are the three courses that I am teaching this Spring Semester:

HNRS 2013 Breaking the Boundaries of Race in America: Developing Race Relations Solutions for East Carolina University
ANTH 3252 Medical Anthropology
MPH 6008 Ethnic Health & Health Disparities

Of course, I enjoy teaching my undergraduate Medical Anthropology class and my graduate course – Ethnic Health & Health Disparities. Both of these courses are entirely online and students prefer both of them taught in this format as opposed to face-to-face in a lecture hall. In fact, both of my online courses continue to increase in enrollment each year that I teach them.

So if you are interested in any of my Spring 2016 courses and have any follow-up questions, send me an email at: baileye@ecu.edu. That’s what’s happening in my “Course Happenings” course activities at East Carolina University for the spring 2016!