It’s the beginning of ANOTHER new academic year here at East Carolina University! It’s really hard to believe but I am beginning my 12th year here at ECU!

Well, this fall semester is different from others here at ECU primarily because I am teaching a combination course — Introductory to Cultural Anthropology and Introduction to Ethnic Studies. Since both courses cover similar content material, theoretical approaches and perspectives on the world regarding human populations and ethnic groups, it seems plausible to combine both classes. So that’s what I am doing this fall semester. In addition, since I have taught these types of classes for over two decades (here and elsewhere), it is a good time to combine both courses and see what new direction this collaboration will take us.

The major objectives of my Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies class are: 1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to the discipline of Cultural Anthropology — its fundamental principles and key concepts; 2. To encourage awareness of cultural, ethnic, and human diversity; 3. To help all students make sense of our increasingly interconnected world and to find their particular place in it; and 4. To help students to find out how they can make a difference in our local and global communities.

What I REALLY want students to take away from this combined Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies class is take more of an effort in gaining a “CULTURAL RELATIVISTIC” perspective of other ethnic groups and populations as well as other┬ácultures so that our society can get along better and that my students will be better equipped with new skills once they graduate from ECU!

Here are a few photos of my combined Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies students as well as a Selfie or two!

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