2017 Global Public Health Fieldwork Proposal Titles

Well… it’s been another successful MPH 6007 Global Public Health course taught entirely online during the Fall 2017 semester. Each graduate student provided a wealth of interesting dialogue, insight and analysis throughout the entire semester. Of course, I had fun presenting my weekly podcast/webcast lectures to the entire class as well.

One of the additional requirements of this online global public health class was that each graduate student completed a global public health proposal on specific global public health topic of their choice. Wow!!! This semester, I had some fantastic topics and proposals.

Here is a list of the TITLES of this semester’s GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH PROPOSALS:


Ritualizing Resettlement: A Performative Approach to Narrative Practice among African Refugees in the United States


Infant Mortality in Monaco, Japan and the United States and a Plan for Improving Infant Mortality in Afghanistan


Mistreatment of Black Americans in Health Care


Health Needs of Resettled Refugee Youth in North Carolina: A Qualitative Study on the Perspective of Health Care Providers


Aging Population: A Global Public Health Issue — A Comparison between Japan and the United States


The Impact of Vector-Borne Diseases on Global Health


Exploring Global Warming: Related Asthma in Chinese and American Communities


HIV/AIDS in Thailand


An Analysis of HPV Vaccination among African American and Latino Populations in North Carolina


Fishing for Health: A Global Approach to Commercial Fishing Fatalities


Dietary Habits among Rural Eastern North Carolina Residents and Minami Furano, Japan: A Comparison Study



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