Professor Eric Bailey
I am a Professor of Anthropology and Public Health at East Carolina University. I want to welcome you to my Course Happenings Blog! This is the place where all of my students, colleagues, staff, and administrators can check out some of the latest activities and events associated with my major courses at ECU. In particular, I will highlight my undergraduate courses in Anthropology and my graduate courses in Public Health.

Since I have a joint appointment in two departments, I felt the need to start this blog to showcase some of the special activities associated with my courses.

My undergraduate courses are:

1. Cultural Anthropology – ANTH 2200
2. Medical Anthropology – ANTH 3252
3. Professional Development Anthropology – ANTH 4501

My graduate courese are:

1. Ethnic Health & Health Disparities – MPH 6008
2. Global Public Health – MPH 6007
3. African American Health – MPH 6005

So these are the major course that I will higlight on my new blog — COURSE HAPPENINGS!!

Feel free to share your ideals on my blog. Remember to be professional and respectful to the academic integrity of our higher educational standards.

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