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2018 New Course – Race and Ethnic Relations: Discovering New Solutions

Visiting a Seminar Class

It’s a brand new semester and I am teaching a brand new course entitled, “Race and Ethnic Relations: Discovering New Solutions.” Although it took a while for this course to be approved, I felt that it was necessary to establish an undergraduate course like this one simply because there was nothing in our Anthropology department as well as in Harriott College of Arts & Sciences which would address the issues of race and ethnic relations in the manner of which that I wanted to do.

In general, the major course objectives are:

  1. To examine, discuss, and debate the major concepts and theories asssociated with race and ethnic relations.
  2. To apply anthropological techniques to collect cultural data on specific issues on race and ethnic relations.
  3. Develop individual and/or group race and ethnic relations solutions.

Thus, the primary focus of this course is for students to find new ways to resolve all types of race and ethnic relation and to DISCOVER new solutions!!

Check out a couple of photos of my first class on Race and Ethnic Relations here at ECU!


Here is a portion of my new Race and Ethnic Relations Class