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Cultural Anthropology Class – Last Lecture Day

Cultural Anthro Class – Photo 4

Cultural Anthro Class – Photo 3

Cultural Anthro Class Photo 2

Cultural Anthro Class – Photo 1

Well, it’s another great semester of Cultural Anthropology coming to an end. I had a wonderful time trying to present my lectures to this class in an innovative and straight-foward way. I was particularly delighted that this class REALLY interacted and engaged regularly with all of the lecture material and the class exercises.

In fact, this Cultural Anthropology class was one of the best introductory cultural anthropology classes that I have had since teaching at ECU. There were a number of students who added a wealth of new information to our lecture discussions as well as our special class exercises. The entire class was also receptive to our special guest lecturers at the end of the semester.

Here are few photos of my outstanding, receptive, and engaging Cultural Anthropology class.