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Graduate School Dean visits Class and First Class Selfie!

Class Selfie with Dean Gemperline

Class Selfie with Dean Gemperline

Today was a very special day for my Professional Development Anthropology class. Our guest speaker, Dean Paul Gemperline of the ECU Graduate School, visited and gave a talk about the graduate school. Specifically, he highlighted the major steps involved in applying to graduate school and how graduate programs evaluate individual applicants to their programs.

For those who are truly interested in graduate school, Dean Gemperline suggested the following:

1. Do your homework on the specific graduate program that you’re interested in;
2. Research the specific graduate program;
3. Track placement of the graduates;
4. Apply to graduate programs when you are ready (either immediately after undergraduate degree or take a year off and then apply – it’s an individual decision);
5. Search the variety of options to finance your graduate school years; and
6. Find ways to distinguish yourself.

After Dean Gemperline’s talk, students asked several excellent detailed questions.

Once his talk had completed, I asked Dean Gemperline to take a couple of photos with me and the class. He gladly agreed and now we have our FIRST CLASS SELFIE with Dean Gemperline! Check it out!

Graduate School visits Professional Development Anthropology Class

Professional Development Class

Professional Development Class

Director Ashley, Dean Gemperline and Dr. Bailey

Director Ashley, Dean Gemperline and Dr. Bailey

Dean Gemperline and Director Ashley

Dean Gemperline and Director Ashley

On February 27th, my Professional Development Anthropology class was very fortunate to receive a visit from the Graduate School. Dean Paul Gemperline and Director of Graduate Admissions Robin Ashley gave a thorough overview of the steps, procedures and major issues related to applying and going to graduate school particularly ECU’s graduate programs. It’s not often a class gets treated with a visit from our top administrators at ECU so we were very appreciative of their time and expertise.

Specifically, Dean Gemperline shared national data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to show how on average, salary levels are significantly higher and unemployment lower for individuals who achieve a graduate degree. He said that although graduate school is not for everyone, for those who want to excel and become an expert in a particular field of study along with increasing their chances for employment getting a graduate degree is a necessity.

Additionally, Director Ashley provided a detailed presentation to the class on understanding the nature of graduate school and the procedure for applying to graduate school. She highlighted several graduate programs at ECU and described the typical graduate school application. Director Ashely also talked about taking standardized exams, financing graduate school, emphasizing the five-step process of the graduate application and showing the lower cost of ECU’s graduate programs in comparison to other graduate programs.

By the end of their talk and presentation, Dean Gemperline and Director Ashley answered all the major questions from my class and helped to dispel a number of misconceptions and fears related to getting a graduate degree. Check out a few pictures from their visit.

Professional Development Anthropology Class visits the ECU’s Graduate School

Professional Development Anthropology Class at the Graduate School

Professional Development Anthropology Class and Graduate School

Dean Gemperline, Robin Armstrong, and Eric Bailey

On February 29th, the Professional Development Anthropology class visited ECU’s Graduate School. Our hosts were Dean Paul Gemperline and Graduate School Admission Director Robin Armstrong. We met in the conference and they shared with the class indepth significant information on many issues related to graduate education and getting into graduate school at ECU.

Dean Gemperline shared information on the benefits of graduate education and highlighted the various strategies in getting into a graduate program. He talked about how students can finance their graduate education as well as once the student achieve their graduate degree, more opportunities will become available for the individual graduate student.

After Dean Gemperline’s discussion, Robin Armstrong shared with the class all the major steps involved in getting into graduate school at ECU. She emphasized that students should present themselves in very professional and focused way when applying to a graduate program. Every graduate program are looking for certain type of excellent students and students that best fit their programs. Overall, Robin said that students should do their initial research of each graduate program that they’re interested in and find the best “fit” not only with the coursework but also the faculty in the graduate program.

Throughout Robin’s and Dean Gemperline’s discussions, Molly, Jacquelyn, and Jesse asked a number of detailed and investigative questions. I believe the answers to their questions truly helped to dispel many misconceptions about graduate education and also provided clarity to the process of getting into graduate school.

Overall, our class visit to the Graduate School was an insightful, informative and enriching experience that I’m sure my class appreciated. We truly appreciated the extra time that Robin and Dean Gemperline shared with us.

Graduate School Visits Professional Development Anthropology Class!

The Graduate School talks with our Class

The Graduate School and Dr. Bailey

It was a distinct pleasure to have the Graduate School come and visit our Professional Development Anthropology class. On February 23rd, Dean Paul Gemperline, Assistant Dean Belinda Patterson and Director of Graduate Admissions Robin Armstrong shared their expertise and insight into how to prepare for entering graduate school.

A majority of the students stated that they are expecting to go to graduate school whether here at East Carolina University or elsewhere. So this visit by the Graduate School was very important to each of them.