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Helping Student Complete Video Project on Health

Torre and Dr. Bailey Selfie

Torre and Dr. Bailey Selfie

Torre and Dr. Bailey after class.

Torre and Dr. Bailey after my class.

As a professor at ECU, I often get requests from a number of students to assist them with their individual projects. This spring semester, I received a request from junior Torre Blake – a junior in the School of Communications and a journalism major — to help her complete a video project on health.

The title of her video project on health was, “Is the Freshman 15 Real?” This topic is very important to all students particularly for the incoming Freshman because this health question is backed up with verifiable data across the country. In fact, this issue of Freshman gaining weight is nothing new because as I had stated in my interview, when I was a freshman in college back in the 70s (Miami University, Ohio), gaining weight was not unusual for first time college students. Yet today in 2015 is an epidemic and truly a significant public health issues for universities today.

Torre interviewed me in my office and took some shots of me lecturing in my class. After getting a chance to view her draft of the video project, I was very impressed. She put together an excellent video news health segment that you normally see on a TV newscast. I am sure one day, we will see Torre on TV being a journalist and TV news health reporter.

I was very pleased to be apart of her video project on health. Congrats to Torre!! Of course, I had to document her video project with a photo and a Selfie!