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Professional Development Anthropology Class Visits ECU Career Center

The Professional Development Anthropology class

Patrick Roberts Presenting

Patrick Roberts giving Presentation

Patrick Roberts

On February 22nd, the Professional Development Anthropology class visited the ECU Career Center. Our host and Career Counselor was Mr. Patrick Roberts. His presentation and tour of the career center were excellent. It’s exactly what the class needed to experience.

Our visit to the career center started with a tour of the two-story house. Mr. Roberts showed the class all the offices on the first floor and upstairs. We met many of the counselors and staff throughout the center. After the tour, we returned to the first floor, sat in one of the front rooms, and listened to Mr. Roberts presentation.

Mr. Roberts highlighted in his presentation all the services and programs associated with the career center. He emphasized to the class issues such as career exploration, readiness, recruitment programs, available technology from the career center, and the career planning model. In particular, the career planning model involves three steps: 1. Self-Assessment, 2. Career Exploration, and 3. Take Action. At the very end of his presentation, he mentioned “Focus 2” – an interesting self-assessment software which will give students a profile of their personal characteristics and determine whether it matches their major.

The class was very appreciative of the presentation and asked questions. Mr. Roberts assurred them that they can come back again and again, but particularly take advantage of all the Career center tools that are online when they visit their website at: http:://