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Teaching 3 Courses for Spring 2015 – Global Cultures (ANTH 1200), Medical Anth (ANTH 3252) and Health Disparities (MPH 6008)

Well, it is 2015 and I am finally catching up with my updates for my “Course Happenings” activities for the year. To illustrate how busy I have been since the start of Spring 2015, it is spring break now (March) and I finally have a chance to update my “Course Happenings” Blog! Where has the time gone!

In any case, I am teaching three courses for the Spring semester. They are:

ANTH 1200 Understanding and Appreciating Our Global World: A Multicultural Perspective
ANTH 3252 Medical Anthropology
MPH 6008 Ethnic Health and Health Disparities

Quite naturally, I am excited with teaching all three courses!! Each course and the students involved with each course brings a whole new level of excitement each time that I teach the course. In particular, the undergraduate course – Medical Anthropology and the graduate course – Ethnic Health & Health Disparities – are both online courses! They are a joy to teach because I get a number of outstanding students in both classes. This semester, both of these classes have already illustrated that students are so focused and committed to each course assignment, discussion and testing that it’s been delightful to get to the next course topic due to the fact that the students are eager and ready for it!

As for my Global Cultures (ANTH 1200), this is the very first time that I am teaching this class! I developed this class this past summer and couldn’t wait to put this class in motion. This class is a traditional face-to-face class in which I take the students on a journey around the world focusing on the “cultural metaphors” and “cultural themes” of over 25 countries. I specifically designed this course like a traveler’s journey around the world in which he/she becomes familiar with each country from the country’s perspective – not from an “outsider’s perspective.” Thus, by the end, I hope that students get a better understanding and appreciation of each country as we travel from one nation to another during our 15 weeks with this course. It’s a lot to cover yet that’s the fun and uniqueness of this course!!

So if you are interested in any of my Spring 2015 courses and have any follow-up questions, send me an email at: That’s what happening in my “Course Happenings” course activities at East Carolina University for the spring 2015!