About Me


Why I Want to Be an Art Teacher

               I want to be an art teacher because of the passion I have to teach others to use their creativity in positive ways, and to learn and acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation for the arts and craftsmanship. I believe that creativity is a great asset in anyone’s lives, and everyone is capable of learning and developing better skills.   Since I always loved to learn in general, and especially artistic principles and elements as well as human learning behavior, I strongly believe I will particularly enjoy teaching others, while continuing to learn myself.

As a mother of three children, I always strived to be the best mother I could be, however I never envisioned myself as someone patient enough to teach them or any other children. I did not posses the patience, which I believed is vital to teach people. Over time, however, I learned that patience is something I could learn to nurture, by gaining a better understanding of children’s behavior and techniques for teaching. While raising a son who has Asperger’s Syndrome, my desire to better help him in school led me to volunteer in his elementary and middle schools for about five years, which included working with exceptional children with behavior issues. As I observed the classes, I emulated the way the teachers interacted with these children, finding positive results from the interactions. I gained a better perspective of my own capabilities to teach students and to learn from them.

My most rewarding experience in regards to teaching was when I had the opportunity to share about my home country, Brazil with several students in a middle school social studies class. After my power point presentations on the culture, places, wild animals and the people of Brazil, the student’s responses were tremendous. One day, as my friend and I were talking at the cafeteria, she asked me if I ever thought about teaching. What was a surprising question became a strong thought in my mind, which led me to a soul searching and the conclusion that it was what I was meant to do after all.

In summary, my desire to be a teacher is a direct result of my journey in life and, in America, a collection of my experiences, thoughts and dreams which culminated in the realization that my ever growing admiration for all forms of art, and the passion to teach others is my greatest gift from my creator. Although I do not assume to be an artist myself (at least not yet), I expect to be a teacher who provides excellent teaching to all my students, inspiring, encouraging, and perhaps to make a difference in their lives.

Welcome to Simone's Art World!