Simone Johnson

ART 2870


2 December 2014


SketchMee is an art application available for Mac computer, Iphone and Ipad, and it requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later for compatibility, costing only $1.99. SketchMee transforms any picture into a sketch drawing that can be done in colored, graphite pencil or mixed media.

This software is appropriate for projects in classes K-12, as it can be used for the more simple through complex projects, according to the age group of the students.

SketchMee should be use in conjunction with actual pencils and other drawing materials.

This drawing activity could be an interdisciplinary effort, combining art elements, historical facts and figures, current events, traditional holidays or even science.

Younger children could take pictures of a special person in their lives, their favorite holiday symbol, or of themselves and bring to class to enhance and edit before using Sketchmee to transform them into a sketch. Next with their made sketch they could use pencils to replicate and learn the contrasts and markings while getting the feel of the drawing tools.

Older students could observe and analyze the sketch done by SketchMee, observing the perspectival aspects and type of markings to help improve their own handmade artwork. Furthermore, they could also be challenged to find historical, political figures, or do their own portrait along with a small paper about why they chose that SketchMee image and if they feel their drawing were better or worse than the one generated by SketchMee.


Image Credit: http://studiomee.com/product_sketchmee_mac_normal.html





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