Screening of “The Wind Journeys”

October 28. 5:30-8:00pm.

ECU Campus, Speight Auditorium (1220 Jenkins Fine Arts Center).

Directed by Ciro Guerra. Length: 1h 57 min.

Screening after a brief presentation. The event is free and open to the public; seating is limited.

Synopsis: Written and directed by Ciro Guerra, “The Wind Journeys” is road movie á la colombiana that was filmed in over 70 locations on the Caribbean coast of this South-American country. The plot follows Ignacio Carrillo who, like many Vallenato* singers, led a nomadic life as a wandering minstrel playing traditional songs on his accordion—until he met his wife and settled in Majagual, Sucre. After his wife’s death Ignacio vows to stop playing his “cursed” accordion and decides to return the instrument to his mentor and teacher. Joined by Fermín Morales, a teenager who dreams of becoming a respected musician like Ignacio, the pair walks from Majagual to Taroa, a remote village past the Guajira desert in the extreme northwest. Along the way they survive many adventures, engage in piquerías (impromptu lyrical battles among singers), and discover the Colombia’s vast musical diversity of the Colombian coast.*Vallenato is a popular form of folk music from Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

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