Bryan Embrey’s intro Blog

Hi, My name is Bryan Embrey. I am a Senior getting ready to graduate in December! I am a sports studies major with a minor in Business Administration. I understand that the Australian culture is rich with rugby which is so exciting for me because I play for ECU and to see that live will be amazing. The differences in between our cultures isn’t as different as some with language barriers so I don’t think it will be hard to pick up. Australia is surrounded by water so I think their lifestyle is very different than many of ours. I am aware that some of the foods are different but I know that they speak english just with an accent as we have an accent to them. My friend just got back from Australia and she was saying that the dress code to go out at night is very strict.
I think you just have to go with an open mind. Expect their to be differences but be open to different opinions just as we would travel to different parts of our country there are different sub-cultures around us. I am going there excited to learn about the people who have been there for many years and also the differences in our lifestyles. I wanna know more about the activity level. Are they more active than us? What kinds of things do they do similar and different to stay more or less active? I am just ready to explore a whole different country. Something that is outside of my comfort zone. By going around to the different landmarks and restaurants will be a great experience and great way to learn about the cultural differences. I am just so excited to grow from this great opportunity and experience.