First Blog Post

Hey everybody, Im Lawson Furr and this fall semester I will began my senior year at ECU.  The past three years all went by way to fast and it feels like just yesterday I was transferring into ECU for my sophomore year.  I began my collegiate career at Elon University and played on the football team there.  Elon was a very nice play and had amazing opportunities for study abroad programs but I could not participate in them due to me being on the football team.  Once I transferred I realized I now had the opportunity and decided to take full advantage of this trip to Australia right before my final year (hopefully not) of college started.  I stumbled upon the trip when looking through the communication programs offered.  It just so happened that this trip offers not only communication requirements but also digs into sports and sports media.  My whole life I have loved sports and played them all the way up to my sophomore year of college.  This trip seemed to fit my interests perfectly as well as major requirements.  As we are getting closer to our departure from America to Australia I find myself getting more and more excited.  I cannot wait to be able to spend this amazing trip “down under” with some fellow pirates and sports enthusiasts.  Only one week to go before we are on our way!!