Caribbean Lowlands

The expansive eastern lowlands of Costa Rica stretch for miles from the foothills of the cordillera eastward to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the Port of Limon and smaller towns. The Llanuras or northern plains have large rivers that subdivide the region and spread the wealth of nutrients and fertile runoff from the mountains. This windward side of Costa Rica is lush and wet descending from the foothills. Major rivers offer extensive whitewater rafting.  Banana, and recently pineapple, plantations abound, especially as you head eastward toward Limon.  To the south, white sandy beaches stretch from the decidedly Caribbean culture of Limon and Puerto Viejo south to Manzanillo.  The coast here offers warm waters, some isolated rough beachbreaks for surfing, and accessible coral reefs for snorkeling exploration.

Almonds and Corals Lodge at Playa Manzanillo showcases a sustainable hotel and premier Blue Flag-certified beach.  almonds-and-corals







Some protected beaches and calm spells in the Caribbean provide for easy access to safe snorkeling on coral reefs.








Mr. “Blue jeans” frog (strawberry poison dart frog) showcases the tropical biodiversity in the area.





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