Our Research

Our lab is focused on understanding the cellular mechanism involved in the development and recovery from chronic pain following central nervous system injury. We are also investigating the neuroprotective effect of exercise and other pharmacotherapies in the treatment of chronic pain associated with diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Specifically, we are interested in understanding how neuronal structural plasticity can be reduced (chronic pain) or enhanced (Alzheimer’s disease) to influence disease progression.

We use animal models and basic science tools encompassing cell culture, protein expression intracellular signaling manipulation, and microscopy to answer clinically relevant questions.

Representative Project titles:

  • Modulation of Primary Afferent Sprouting as an Intervention for Chronic Neuropathic Pain after Spinal Cord Injury
  • Exercise Induced Protection and Neuronal Plasticity in Alzheimer’s Disease Mice
  • Aerobic Exercise as a Therapeutic To Reduce Painful Neuropathy Following Exposure To a High Fat /High Sucrose Diet