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As you enter final grades you can download your grades from Blackboard by clicking work offline, do remember to be a good steward of student information and save to your piratedrive!  Need assistance contact OET!

Make note of what worked and what did not work and calendar for next course prep.

Blackboard Tests and Force Completion

The Force Completion setting on Blackboard exams only allows for a one-time entry into the exam. If the student accidentally closes the browser, or loses the connection to the test, the student cannot continue with the exam unless the instructor intervenes and resets the exam. For this reason, this setting is not recommended.

The Timed Test option allows the instructor to set a time limit on exams. Whether or not the exam is auto-submitted, the elapsed time is noted in Blackboard. If the student exceeds the time (for a non auto-submitted test), an exclamation point is listed in the grade center and the instructor has the option of adjusting the grade based on the time.

It is recommended to set the Timed Test option without using the Force Completion option for Blackboard exams.

If the exam does not use Force Completion and the exam connection is broken, the student will be able to re-enter and continue taking the exam. The timer will continue to record the time from the initial exam entry. This results in less instructor intervention and less student frustration with the exam.

For additional information, see Force Completion of a Blackboard Test (Palomar College), “Force Completion is one of those functions that sounds like it will be useful, but really is just a way of going swimming in cement boots.”

Why hasn’t anyone asked?

What those new symbols are next to your uploaded content in BB mean? They are from Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally works seamlessly with your Learning Management System (Blackboard) and Web Community Manager (WCM) website to gauge the accessibility of your content. Ally provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content accessibility.

  • Receive feedback on the accessibility of your content
  • Improve content accessibility with Ally’s step-by-step instructions

In addition to providing you with insight to your content accessibility, Ally automatically creates alternative versions of your files. This allows students to choose the type of file they want that best suits their needs. While you’re in the process of improving files, students still access alternative copies.

Quick Start information HERE.

Learn all about Ally HERE. (Instructors)

Learn all about Ally HERE. (Students)



Just over 4 1/2 weeks

And we end Spring 2018 classes.  Some of you may have research papers for students to complete and  “Would you like to have library resources in your Blackboard course in a format that is easy to use?” well click here to access the LibGuide Course Integration and “Integrating a research guide in to your Blackboard course is easy and can take less than 5 minutes!” Check it out!

So you are giving a test and the fire alarm goes off!

And other test options to be aware of:

You may choose to set the Options one way for the duration of the test/survey and then change the Options after the test/survey has been taken. (i.e. do not allow the students to see correct answers until all have completed the test.)

Test / Survey Availability Options Best Practices

  • Make the Link Available – YES
  • Add New Announcement for Test/Survey – YES (this will create an announcement about the test/survey to remind the students and a link to the item can be within the announcement) This is optional, but if not used make sure your students know where to find the Test/Survey.
  • Allow Multiple Attempts – NO. Do not set this unless the Test/Survey is just a tool for self assessment and the instructor doesn’t want the results. Multiple Attempts only will keep the last attempt within the Grade Center. The instructor will know how many times the Test/Survey was taken or what scores where given.
  • Force Completion – NO. This will only make it harder for you. The force completion setting will not allow the student to re-access a Test/Survey if they were kicked out or if the Fire Alarm goes off!  If you are concerned about cheating, then there are other settings to use to help reduce cheating, but with online Tests/Surveys there is no real way to prevent cheating without a proctored environment. If you use this option, for every student who has technical difficulties, you will need to manually clear their attempts (3 clicks each student).  When clicked YES it  means that a student will be required to submit the test after they first click the link to begin the survey.  If the student does not click the Submit  button, the attempt will be marked as In Progress and the attempt will need to be cleared.  Force Completion with LockDown Browser? No. LDB does not like Force Completion. Use the timer and Auto-Submit instead
  • Set Timer – YES. This will help to detour cheating. Set the time to allow those students who have studied the proper amount of time to complete the Test/Survey. If a student didn’t study, they will not be able to finish the Test/Survey in the time you provide. Students who exceed the limit will still be able to submit the test but no grade will be displayed.  This option also records total completion time.  If a test is NOT set as Force Completion, then a student will be able to answer some of the questions, click the Save button, exit the test, and then click on the link to take the test.  The completion time will show the total time the student spent working on the test.

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