26 days until BB9 goes live!

I know not a day goes by without something about Blackboard 9.  Training, tips and lots of information.   You may have read them all but then wonder “what will my courses look like’?  Just go to bbdev.ecu.edu, login with your ECU credentials and you will see your courses in Blackboard 9.  This is what is called a “sandbox” site.  These are copies of your courses (content will not be current), you can explore, try things out and get a feel for what Blackboard 9 is all about.  Please note that anything that you do in your sandbox will remain in this site only.  If you who want to start working on your summer (or fall) courses, work in our current Blackboard version (8). When they migrate to Bb9 on May 9th, all of your courses – with content – will move over to Bb9 on the production server.

All Blackboard 9 Tutorials can be found here, they are short and you can pick and choose what you are interested in.

Trainings will continue on main campus as well as here on west campus.  Our office will be offering small hands on training during finals week through the beginning of summer semester and then again throughout the summer.  More information to follow on those dates and times.