Did you take my challenge? Try the Blackboard Blitz!

I offered a summer challenge last week to try something new. Answer these questions about your Blackboard course and try baby steps by making some changes in you BB course!

Have you added a banner?  Have you changed the color scheme, the buttons?  Do you still use Course Information rather than calling it Syllabus.  Do you use assignments for digital receipt of homework rather than email?  How about trying Blogs instead of Discussion Board, Journals instead of word documents.  Have you taken a test online?  Tried Respondus Lockdown browser.

Checkout the training schedule for a Blackboard Blitz of training!

About Jean

I am the Electronic Resource Coordinator for the College of Allied Health. I received my Masters in Instructional Technology from East Carolina University in 2003 and have worked with the College of Allied Health since 2002. I am a native New Yorker but have lived in Greenville for almost 20 years when my husband Steve's company moved from Long Island to Washington, NC. Our daughters were born in NY but raised in the South so not sure what that makes them! Yankee GRITS? Both daughters are now out on their own, both living in Ralieigh. Our house is now occupied by my husband, our dog Yankee, and three cats along with the fish in the pond to keep the cats happy! In our spare time we like to garden, cook ethnic food and travel around the US and Europe!
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