Grade Center Tips!


1.  The last access column represents the last time the student accessed the course you are checking.

2. Hiding a column just hides it  from the your grade center view it is still visible to the students. To hide a column from student edit the column information and select NO for option 3

3. To weight grades click on the chevron arrows next to Weighted Total, Edit Column Information.  You can then set up your grade weighting either by item or category.

4. Pointing at a grade item will show the Grade Title, Points etc in the Grade Information Bar

5. Grading color codes is a neat way to highlight low grades, assignments that need grading or other important information.

6.  Smart Views is another way to just highlight groups, specific grade items such as journals or discussion.

Lots more tips and information on Blackboard can be found in the CAHS Kiosk of Information (OET8000)  course you are enrolled in as a student!


Dog Days? No!


Time to learn some new tricks! Want to know if students have looked at something, click on the contextual arrow next to the item and enable Review.  Advise students to check after reviewing this not only gives you an indication but also reminds students what they have opened and what still needs to be opened.  Go one step further using Adaptive Release and have a quiz or another item appear once Review is checked.

Have Review next to Syllabus and upon checked have a short Syllabus quiz become available to the students!