Some Final Tips!


And no not just because it is finals week but just some reminders on test analysis features

For tests deployed in BB click on the down arrow to choose one of the following for assessment information and don’t forget if you download your grades to an Excel file save to your Pirate drive not to your hard drive (good steward of student information)

Attempts Statistics –┬áThe statistics are calculated based only on the attempts being used in the grading option (Last attempt, First attempt, Lowest Score, Highest Score, or Average of Scores). If Average of Scores is the grading option, then all attempts are included in the statistics.

Item Analysis –┬áThe Item Analysis tool provides statistics on overall test performance and individual test questions to help you recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance. You can use this information to improve questions for future test administrations or to adjust credit on current attempts. You can run item analyses on deployed tests, but not on surveys.

Column Statistics – Gives information on the range of grades, minimum, maximum, average, median, standard deviation, variance and grade distribution.

View all Attempts – Lets you get a quick look of grade, number of attempts, status and duration.

Question on how these work just contact OET!