As we enter the final third of the semester

Grades are coming in, papers are being submitted and your grade center might need some organization.  Here is a a link to Grade Center Customization.  One tip to remember you can download your Grade Center to an Excel spreadsheet prior to making changes.  Just save to your pirate drive in keeping with being a good steward of student information!  Need help with your grade center?  Contact OET for an appointment!

Saving Grades!

As the end of the semester is just days away remember this notice from ITCS:

From the Office of IT Security, please note:
: Download Gradebook in Blackboard

: Student (Course) Gradebook is downloaded from Blackboard onto desktops, laptops, personal home computers and other unencrypted devices. A lost or compromised device could result in unauthorized release of student records.
: Save the gradebook to your Piratedrive for safe keeping.  Click HERE for more information.