Test Feedback – What to choose?

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students from BB Help

After they complete a test, test results and feedback are available to students. By setting up rules, you can set the release of progressive feedback to keep test results secure and prevent cheating.

For example, you can choose After Submission to present Score, All Answers, Correct, Submitted, Feedback, and Show Incorrect Answers to show students their scores along with all answer options. Student also see their submitted answers marked as correct or incorrect and any feedback you provided.  Keep all blank and students will not see anything however while in Respondus if “After Submission” and “Score” are selected the student will see all the questions and their answers.

Feedback Mode Description
When Sets the time when test results and feedback are shown to students:

  • After Submission
  • One-time View
  • On Specific Date
  • After Due Date
  • After Availability and End Date
  • After Attempts are Graded
Score Shows the final score out of points possible to students.
All Answers Shows all answer options for certain question types, such as multiple choice.
Correct Shows the correct answers.
Submitted Shows all the student’s submitted answers.
Feedback Shows instructor generated feedback messages for each question.
Show Incorrect Questions Shows the questions the student answered incorrectly or partially incorrectly.

Lockdown Browser Woes?

Students complaining they can’t access tests when using Lockdown Browser?  Here are a couple of things to check, advise students that if prompted to upgrade Lockdown they need to complete the upgrade.  As the instructor please note that any changes you make to Test Options may cause Lockdown browser to “error”.  To check on this just go to Control Panel, Course Tools, Respondus Lockdown Browser.  If you see this image just click the Fix It button and all should work fine!lockdownfixit

As Spring ends and Summer begins . . .

With the end of Spring Semester instructors often like to download grades from Blackboard, (go to Grade Center, select Work Offline, select download and follow the prompts to get an Excel workbook of grades for the semester) please remember that those files should be stored on your pirate drive or department pirate drive not your computer’s hard drive.

And a repeat of BB Support’s email yesterday – 

Before we discuss the upcoming Bb updates:
… If you teach this summer, please look at this checklist for reminders of things to do: http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/blackboard/blog/2014/05/02/summer-2014-blackboard-checklist/
… To make spring course unavailable, please look at this screenshot: http://winmedia.ecu.edu/platforms/bb9/graphics/course_availability.jpg

When do the updates take place?
Blackboard will go down on the morning of May 12. While Blackboard is down next week, you will be redirected to a blog post with some brief information. When Blackboard is back up, your courses and all content will be in place for you. Blackboard is on the schedule to be down for the weekdays starting May 12th through May 16th; however, we will likely power back up before Friday if everything goes as expected. The May 12th – May 16th downtime is needed for system-integrity testing purposes. Summer semester 1 and 11-week semesters begin on May 19th.

You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it and here’s the link!

Respondus Lockdown Browser! As quoted in “The Weekly Word” it is a is a new tool in Blackboard (look in your Control Panel), which many of you will be interested in if you give online tests and would like an alternative to a proctor. Read about the features that make LockDown a secure testing environment and how you can utilize it in your course(s) at http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/blackboard/?p=1666   You can a

Students will have to go to the following link http://www.respondus.com/lockdown/information.pl?ID=745639734 to download the software for either their PC or Mac.  This software must be installed on their computers.  Once installed students will click on the Lockdown Browser Icon on their desktop prior to taking a test in Blackboard.  Lockdown Browser will open Blackboard in a secure setting.

Questions?  Demos?  Contact OET!






Hopping on the Bandwagon!

Not the Easter Bunny but joining my Blackboard Support colleagues in support of the new “Section Merge Tool” available to you. Now you can copy content to a specific course and then merge your sections to that same course.  You will also receive an email once the copy has taken place.  So no more wondering has it been done, did the click take or not!  So click once and wait for the email.  Need assistance in completing these tasks just contact OET!  Here are links to the videos

Copy Content http://www.ecu.edu/blackboard/Copy/Copy.html

Collapse Sections http://www.ecu.edu/blackboard/collapse/collapse.html

Collapse Sections and then Copy Content http://www.ecu.edu/blackboard/Collapse_Copy/Collapse-Copy.html

Answer keyed wrong!!!

Yikes the test has been deployed, half the students have taken it and you realize one of the answers was keyed wrong.  In Blackboard 9 you DON’T have to go into each test one at a time to search and correct the question.  Click on the arrows next to the test name in Grade Center, select grade question, find the question keyed wrong, click on responses and then click edit to change the student’s points.  Still have to do each student but this is much quicker than before!

Grade Center Tips!

1.  The last access column represents the last time the student accessed the course you are checking.

2. Hiding a column just hides it  from the your grade center view it is still visible to the students. To hide a column from student edit the column information and select NO for option 3

3. To weight grades click on the chevron arrows next to Weighted Total, Edit Column Information.  You can then set up your grade weighting either by item or category.

4. Pointing at a grade item will show the Grade Title, Points etc in the Grade Information Bar

5. Grading color codes is a neat way to highlight low grades, assignments that need grading or other important information.

Lots more tips and information on Blackboard can be found in the OET8000 Blackboard course you are enrolled in as a student!