Troubleshooting Lockdown Browser and Update!

Update on lockdown browser is “That pesky second popup box that students would see with a jumbled password is gone.”

Having problems with LDB?  Here are some troubleshooting tips, additional info can be found by clicking on this link

  • Usually, if something occurs (screen goes blank or connection is lost) after the student has started a quiz, there is likely a network issue or local system issue (their own computer). Two examples: Windows started an automatic update and initiated a restart. A family member is watching streaming HD movies on the same wi-fi network connection. If “Force Completion” is NOT checked, students may be able to log back in and continue. If not, a “clear attempt” will be necessary if the instructor allows another attempt.

  • If a few students are having problems on their own computers, it is likely a configuration/setup issue on their personal computer. If ALL students succesfully installed LDB and have problems logging into the test, it is likely a LockDown Browser configuration setting. You should double check under Edit Test Options that you did NOT delete the default password or UNcheck the Password Required box. That is an LDB-generated password that needs to be in place (you do not need to provide that to students). A Blackboard Admin will be happy to help you check your settings. Contact,, or

  • If all students in a managed computer lab have a problem logging into a test, it is likely a  network issue or configuration of the managed computers. Contact,, or in that case, and let us know which computer lab has the problem

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Did you click on the Faculty Information and Updates link on My Courses Page in BB?

Lots of great Test Setting and Troubleshooting Tips can be found here.  There are some good tips for this issue unfortunately experienced by all test givers!

““Help! I got kicked out of my test…” Symptom: The student is kicked out of an assessment when the submit button is pressed. Cause: The java session has been terminated due to inactivity, so the submission is unsuccessful. Almost always this issue occurs with randomized tests or where certain questions are randomized.”


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You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it and here’s the link!

Respondus Lockdown Browser! As quoted in “The Weekly Word” it is a is a new tool in Blackboard (look in your Control Panel), which many of you will be interested in if you give online tests and would like an alternative to a proctor. Read about the features that make LockDown a secure testing environment and how you can utilize it in your course(s) at   You can a

Students will have to go to the following link to download the software for either their PC or Mac.  This software must be installed on their computers.  Once installed students will click on the Lockdown Browser Icon on their desktop prior to taking a test in Blackboard.  Lockdown Browser will open Blackboard in a secure setting.

Questions?  Demos?  Contact OET!






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Saving Grades!

As the end of the semester is just days away remember this notice from ITCS:

From the Office of IT Security, please note:
: Download Gradebook in Blackboard

: Student (Course) Gradebook is downloaded from Blackboard onto desktops, laptops, personal home computers and other unencrypted devices. A lost or compromised device could result in unauthorized release of student records.
: Save the gradebook to your Piratedrive for safe keeping.  Click HERE for more information.

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Blackboard Purge!

Blackboard administrators will be purging Summer 2009 and Spring 2010. The deadline to save your past courses is June 22nd, 2012.”

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Hopping on the Bandwagon!

Not the Easter Bunny but joining my Blackboard Support colleagues in support of the new “Section Merge Tool” available to you. Now you can copy content to a specific course and then merge your sections to that same course.  You will also receive an email once the copy has taken place.  So no more wondering has it been done, did the click take or not!  So click once and wait for the email.  Need assistance in completing these tasks just contact OET!  Here are links to the videos

Copy Content

Collapse Sections

Collapse Sections and then Copy Content

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Save time with Respondus!

Here are some tips from Respondus on saving time when creating exams!

1. Import Wizard
This video shows how it works: Importing Questions from MS Word with Respondus 4

2. Respondus Test Bank Network
Learn more by watching this video: Using Publisher Test Banks with Respondus 4.0

3. Publish Wizard
 This video shows how it can be set up: Using Preconfigured Server Settings

4. Moving Exams Between Learning Systems
The entire process takes just a few minutes, as shown in this video: Moving Assessments Between Two Learning Systems

5. Working Offline
Sure, you usually have access to an Internet connection. But when you don’t, it’s nice to be able to get work done with Respondus 4.0 because most tasks can be done offline. The client-based interface for Respondus 4.0 is also faster than web-based applications because you don’t have to wait for web pages to load.

Contact OET for assistance in using this tool!

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Blogging In BB9!

Many are trying one of Blackboard 9′s new features, Blogs so follows is an excerpt from a recent article regarding this tool!

5 Tips for Blogging

  1. Have a clear pedagogical purpose for incorporating blogs into the instruction, and clearly state the purpose and requirements of student blogging on the class syllabus. “Students need to see a purpose for the blog, and they need guidelines for entries and comments,” explains Stuart Glogoff, senior consultant in the Office of Instruction and Assessment at the University of Arizona. “In the cases where faculty have incorporated blogs without establishing their purpose, student participation has been uniformly low.”

  2. Blog contributions and comments should be a graded element of the course. “Your grade is your currency for your course,” explains Ruth Reynard, associate professor of Continue reading

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Coming soon to a site near you!

*First, the much-anticipated and popular notifications setting where announcements are sent to email will be enabled.
* Secondly, you will have the option to have students’ exams auto-submitted once the time limit has been reached.
* Thirdly, the rubrics tool has been enhanced so you will be able to grade from the rubric and your students will see the rubric if you wish. The rubric builder is easy to use and easy to attach to a gradable item.  Click here for videos and pictures!

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Answer keyed wrong!!!

Yikes the test has been deployed, half the students have taken it and you realize one of the answers was keyed wrong.  In Blackboard 9 you DON’T have to go into each test one at a time to search and correct the question.  Click on the arrows next to the test name in Grade Center, select grade question, find the question keyed wrong, click on responses and then click edit to change the student’s points.  Still have to do each student but this is much quicker than before!

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