Bb 8 Tutorial: Columns and Grades

Creating and moving grade columns is different in Blackboard 8. In Blackboard 7, you simply changed the number order of how you wanted the columns displayed in the gradebook. Blackboard 8 introduces the ability to drag and drop columns into its appropriate order.

To add a column and enter a grade
2. Fill out the information on the page for your new assignment.
3. When you are ready to enter grades, click on the cell for the student receive the grade once.
4. Type in the grade and press enter.

Click here to watch the columns and grade tutorial.

3 thoughts on “Bb 8 Tutorial: Columns and Grades

  1. Angela Raper

    I should clarify that I’ve tried both modifying the “weighted total” column and creating a new “weighted calculated column”, and I get the following error page:

    “java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “”
    For reference, the Error ID is 3c945254-c30c-41b2-a4a2-f648772629a7.”

    When I click “okay”, I get a pop-up box that tells me one of the categories I selected doesn’t exist, but the categories are all ones I created using the grade center manager.

  2. Angela Raper

    I want to assign differing weights to individual categories in the grade center, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that yet. What is the process for assigning weight value?

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