Bb 8 Tutorial: Exempted Grades

Students can be exempted from a grade from the Grade Center page or the Grade Details page. When a grade has been exempted, it will display an exempted icon in the cell of the exempted grade. Comments can be added to any exempted grade. Faculty can drop students’ lowest grade by selecting that grade to be exempted.

Blackboard 8 gives you flexibility in the gradebook by allowing you to exempt grades. This useful for dropping grades. When a grade is exempted, an icon will appear in the cell for that student and assignment; displayed as a shaded square.

To exempt grades:
1. Go to a cell for an assignment that has been graded.
2. Make sure you place the mouse pointer to the specified student’s grade until a arrow appears.
3. Click on the arrows and select exempt grade.

Click here to watch a tutorial on exempting grades.

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