Bb 8 Tutorial: Freezing / Unfreezing Columns

One of the frustrations shared by faculty was the inability to freeze the columns that contained the names of students in the gradebook. If there were a lot of assignments in the gradebook, when scrolling over, the names of the students would disappear. Blackboard 8 now has the ability to freeze columns; allowing you to always see the names of the students in the gradebook, no matter how far you scroll.

To freeze/unfreeze a grade column:
1. With your mouse, hover over MANAGE.
3. Place your mouse over the shaded region of any row you want to freeze.
4. Click on the region and drag it above the gray bar at the top of the page.
5. Click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom to save changes.

Click here to watch the freezing / unfreezing columns tutorial.

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