Bb 8 Tutorial: Icon Legend

Blackboard 8 introduces a new icon legend in the Grade Center.  This tutorial will introduce the new icons and compare them to what you currently know in Blackboard 7.

Here is an explanation of what each icon represents in the Grade Center:
User Unavailable – student is unable to access the course; instructor will rarely see this icon because all student drops are done automatically.
Column Not Visible to Users – students are unable to see the grade column in their gradebook.
Completed – symbol that displays if an assignment is set to display as COMPLETE/ INCOMPLETE or if a survey is completed.
Needs Grading – shown if a student uploaded an assignment that needs to be graded or if a test had essay/short essay questions.
Grade Modified Manually – shown if a grade has been changed or overrode.
Attempt in Progress – replaced the lock icon; shown if a test or assignment is in progress.
External Grade – although displayed, it will not be used at ECU, please disregard this icon.
Grade Exempted for this User – shown if a grade has been exempted.
Error – shown if Blackboard is having an error with the grade entered; rarely seen.

Click here to view the icon legend tutorial.

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