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Holiday Break 2009

Hello All –

I will be away from my laptop and mostly off the internet through the 28th of December.  If you have recently sent in a copy content request we will process it when we get back. I will be sending out information on training, new features, work arounds and known issues in regard to Bb 8 once I get back to work.  I hope you all have a great winter break.  Enjoy yourself !!!

– Matt Long

Blackboard Upgrade Downtime 12/19 – 12/22

– 12/20 –
Bb is now up and working normally. Thanks to all that were involved in the upgrade.
12/19 2:26pmFALL 09 Student Grades - If you want to check your final grades for Fall 2009 just login to Onestop . All grades were required to be entered into Onestop today, by noon.  Onestop is always going to be where you want to go to check your final grade in any course

12/19 11:07pmNR in Onestop.  I would contact your instructor and also the registrars office about this on Monday.  Click HERE to go to the Registrars Office main page. The number is at the bottom of the page.

Hello ECU Faculty, Staff and Students –
If you attempted to access Blackboard at ECU you ended up here because we are in the middle of a planned downtime to upgrade Blackboard. The downtime window is from 12/19 1pm through 12/22 1pm.  If we finish the upgrade a little early my team will send an email out to all ECU faculty letting them know that Blackboard is again available to use.

New Feature Information:
Students - Nothing changes for you regarding the user interface.
Faculty - The Gradebook area is the only change for you all.  This area is now named the “Gradebook Center”.  CLICK HERE to review the new features and review some tutorials on the new features.

Video Explanation:

Once we complete the upgrade all Spring 2010 enrollments will be added.  if you have any questions feel free to email me at .

Matt Long
Blackboard Admin

Blackboard Upgrade Update

Hello All –
The Blackboard team will not be processing any course requests after 12/15/09 UNTIL AFTER the upgrade.  We are going to use next Wed, Thurs and Friday to test out the course collapse tool and the snapshot process on our new Blackboard 8 system that you will see after the 22nd, after the upgrade.  So, if you have a request please enter it in between now and late Tues.  If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me.

To review:

  • Bb team will not be copying content starting on 12/15 UNTIL AFTER the upgrade
  • Bb team will not be collapsing courses starting on 12/15 UNTIL AFTER the upgrade
  • Bb team updating faculty enrollments starting on 12/15 UNTIL AFTER the upgrade
  • Student enrollments start AFTER the upgrade

Blackboard Downtime – 12/19 – 12/22/09

Hello ECU Faculty and Staff –

Blackboard will be down from 12/19 1pm – 12/22/09 1pm for an upgrade of the gradebook area (now called the gradebook center).  Once the upgrade is complete the only “new” area in your Blackboard sites will be the gradebook area.  All of the content and the settings will be exactly the same as they were pre-upgrade on the 19th.

Academic Outreach will be offering many training opportunities on the new features as we get closer to the Spring 2010 semester.  If you want you can view a session we recorded last week. This 47 minute video covers all of the new features in the gradebook area.  Remember, only the gradebook area has changed, nothing else.  Click HERE to view the video. Be on the lookout for emails about those training sessions as the semester gets closer. Happy Holidays.

To review:

  1. Blackboard will go down on 12/19 at 1pm
  2. Blackboard will come back up at 12/22 at 1pm with the new functionality in the gradebook
  3. All content and settings will be intact just as you saw them before the downtime
  4. During the downtime you will see a splash page with information about the downtime
  5. Questions?  Call me at 252-328-9074 or email me at

Video Explanation: