Spring 2010 Welcome and a thanks

Hello ECU Faculty –
I hope you all had a fantastic winter break. I know I did (besides the ice storm in Boone,NC and no power for 2 days but that’s another story). :-)
Below you will see a checklist of sorts for the beginning of the semester. Please review and email me if you have any questions. Welcome back !

  1. Make your course available – Be sure to do this.  If you don’t your students will not see your Spring 2010 Bb site.  Here is howControl panel / Click Settings / Click Course Availability / Toggle to YES /  Click Submit. You will need to do this for each of your Spring 2010 sites
  2. Enrollments – We will be  updating Bb with enrollments multiple times each day through the drop add period.
  3. Course Content – If you still need the Blackboard Team to rollover content or collapse sections you can request that process here.  http://ecu.edu/blackboard
  4. Fall 2009 Sites – I will make all of these unavailable this weekend.
  5. Problems – If you have any questions regarding Blackboard you can contact your Instructional Technology Consultant for local support or contact my team for phone or email support. (Matt Long – longm@ecu.edu / 252-328-9074 or Matt Powell – powellma@ecu.edu / 252-7371264) More on this topic in a moment.
  6. Training – I will be announcing training over the weekend. We plan to do group training in Austin 309 and Centra training throughout the semester. If you are interested in my visiting your unit for training  please email me and we will schedule a date and time.
  7. Bugs – If you notice any odd behaviors in Bb please report them to me.  I’m working closely with systems to review these “bugs” and search for a fix with Blackboard.
  8. A huge thanks !! James Cook was provided a career opportunity that he could not pass up near the end of 2009. I’m sad to report that he no longer works at ECU.  He will be missed and his contributions will not soon be forgotten.  If you would like to say “thanks” do so in the comments area of this blog post. His position will be filled in the coming weeks. I will keep you all posted on this subject.

Well, I guess that’s about it.  I will be updating this blog site weekly with any news that I think will be helpful in your use of Blackboard. I will do my best to limit the amount of emails I send out.  But, you will be getting a good amount as we launch into the Spring 2010 semester.   Thanks so much and welcome back !

Matt Long

14 thoughts on “Spring 2010 Welcome and a thanks

  1. James Cook

    Thanks everyone for your warm comments. I will never forget the friendship and kindness you’ve shown while I was at ECU. Take care and bless you all!

  2. Mary S. Jackson

    Hi Mr. Cook,
    I just want to thank you so much for your training session information and especially for your patience with my lethargic technological learning skills. You will be missed, but great happiness for you with your new endeavor in Winston Salem.

  3. Ginny Sconiers

    James, I wish you all the best. Thanks for all of your good work here at ECU. We will miss you!!

  4. John Howard

    Well James, that was short and sweet — I enjoyed meeting you at the trainings I attended while you were here. I also came to see (hear?) that you have a great ‘video narrator voice’ that will be missed on top of everything else. I hope things in W-S work out just the way you want.

  5. Peter Farrell

    Hi James
    Thanks for all the times you bailed me out at the last minute. Good luck with your new position. Dr Farrell

  6. Mary Crozier

    Thanks for all your TLC and patience James. I appreciated your vigilance and accessibility. Best of luck.

  7. Taria Crenshaw

    Thanks James for all your help with my Bb courses! Best of luck in your new position. You will certainly be missed here at ECU.
    Taria Crenshaw

  8. Lisa Maag

    James, You were extremely helpful with Blackboard, and I’m sorry to hear that another employer lured you away from ECU. Best wishes to you in your new position!

  9. Jane Lang

    James, thank you so much for all the help you have given during your time here. You have been a lifesaver to me on more than one occasion and I greatly appreciate it! I hope Winston Salem realizes what they are getting!

  10. Tommy Kim

    Thank you so much James…
    You helped me out a lot when I got here last year…
    I do really miss you and appreciate all your hard work…
    Thanks again…
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you….

  11. Paul Bell

    Hi James,
    I wish you all the best in your new position. ECU’s loss is WS’s gain!! I am just sorry you left before you could help me set up a student list on my COHE 6000 blog. Dr. Yang was good enough to help me change the theme of the blog,(check it out at http://blogs.aos.ecu.edu/COHE-6000-Bell/) ,but I think he might be contacting you for assistance in developing the home page student list that links to individual student blog content. At any rate, all the best.
    Paul Bell

  12. Mark Sprague

    I just want to say thanks to James Cook for everything he has done. Good luck in your new job. We will miss you!

  13. Tracy Tuten

    James, I’m happy for you but you will definitely be missed here! Thank you for turning me on to Google Voice! Tracy (@brandacity)

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