Blackboard Upgrade Plans

Hello Everyone –
Wow… it’s been a while since I have blogged.  From here on out I plan to blog at least once a week about Bb and tools that can be used within Blackboard.  Today I want to talk about ECU’s Bb upgrade plans.  Currently we are on version 8.0 and plans are now in place to upgrade to version 9.x.  We have just gotten access to a Bb9 developmental server and will be running a very small pilot in the fall.  Then, a much larger pilot in the spring with plans to upgrade to Bb9 after the Spring 2011 semester. ( May 2011).  I will be publishing an upgrade plan here very soon with much more detail on how this upgrade will take place. We will be involving as many people as possible.

Here are a couple of Blackboard created videos about Bb9 by Bb. – ( Blackboard 9.1 features page ).  As you will see the interface is very different.  This is both the most exciting part about the new platform and the most challenging.

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