Copy Course Content Yourself

Are you interested in copying your own content from course to course?

We have a new option now available for you. You can now COPY or ROLL OVER YOUR OWN CONTENT to your courses (example: Fall ’11 to Spring ’12) instead of requesting it from the Blackboard team.  Once you complete the steps, wait 15-30 minutes and you will see the results of your copy. (Do not use this feature if you use course cartridges; contact Blackboard Support.)

You can still request the course copy the traditional way via this link  if you don’t want to do the content copy yourself: Course Copy Request Form via the web.

NOTE: If you need sections (option #3) COLLAPSED and COURSE CONTENT COPIED, it will be easier to go through the traditional course copy site: Course Copy Request.

Video Instructions:

HERE IS A VIDEO ON HOW TO COPY CONTENT YOURSELF or download this Course Copying.

After you complete the course copy, you may need to clean up your navigation area (the menu items). Take a look at the short video on how to clean up your navigation area: CLEANING UP THE COURSE NAVIGATION AREA

Instructions on using the new Course Copy Content Option within your Blackboard courses:

Step 1: Login to your “past” course.  Example: if you wanted to copy Fall 2011 content into the Spring 2012 site, you will FIRST need to be in the Fall ’11 (or past) course.

Step 2: In the Control Panel of your course, click the COURSE COPY option located in the bottom left corner under PACKAGES and UTILITIES area.






Step 3: Click the “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course” link.

Step 4: Click the BROWSE button.  This will bring up a list of all of your current (EXAMPLE: SPRING ’12) and past courses.  Choose the SPRING 2012 site where you want your content copied. Click the SELECT button.  The COURSE ID will now show in the “Destination Course ID” area.

 Step 5: Finally, select the content you want to copy.  The image below is a standard course copy. Click SUBMIT at the bottom.  That’s it!  “Refresh” your current course (using the refresh icon in your course or by clicking F5 on your keyboard) after 15-30 minutes to see your content. Important: Be patient and do not do a second copy only after a few minutes; give Blackboard time to complete the copy action, depending on the size of the course.

NOTE: Any tests and quizzes you have copied will be located under Tests, Surveys, Pools in the Control Panel – they will need to be deployed/added to a content area! And, if you copy your discussion forums, all posts from your past semester’s students will be included; however, they will show as anonymous. You will need to delete all past posts if you choose to copy your discussion forums!

Below is a screenshot of what you’ll see when you progress through the course copy process. You will choose what you want copied.



Course Copy Request Options – Reminders