Blackboard 8 Weight Grades, Course Copy, Tips

With Fall Semester nearing the end, we get quite a few calls and emails asking for a refresher on how to weight grades in Blackboard 8. Many of you are also starting your Spring 2011 course prep work and design. Please click the links below for some easy to follow mini-tutorials — great for those late nights and weekends when you’re working on your courses. We will continue to add mini-tutorials, PDFs of instructions and helpful hints, and links to other helpful sites, so be sure you bookmark our Blackboard blog!

Fall 2010

How to Weight your Gradebook - This video will go over how you can weight your grades in the Blackboard 8 Gradebook.

Test Taking Tips in Bb8 – See this post for hints and tips for students to minimize getting bumped out of exams taken in Blackboard.

Spring 2011

Copy Content into your Spring 2011 Sites yourself (new feature) – Copy content into your Spring 11 sites yourself or use the traditional method. It’s up to you.  :)
Making your Blackboard Course Available – This video will show you how to open up your Spring 2011 Blackboard sites.
Adding TA’s or Co-Instructors – This video will go over how to add TA’s and co-instructors to your blackboard course.
Managing and editing your Blackboard Navigation buttons – Learn how to modify, remove or change what the navigation buttons do.
Clean up your MY COURSES AREA – Learn how to hide the courses you no longer need to see.