Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard can now be accessed on your mobile device via Blackboard Mobile Learn.  Blackboard Mobile Learn allows students and instructors to interact with Blackboard on their Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad device.  Click here to view videos of Blackboard Mobile Learn on your mobile device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn offers a wide variety of features for easy viewing of Blackboard content on mobile devices. Highlighted features for Blackboard Mobile Learn include: viewing and posting announcements, discussions, blogs, tasks, view roster, and journals.  Blackboard Mobile Learn also supports playing embedded media such as videos and music from the course’s Blackboard site. Students will be able to view grades for assignments on mobile devices on Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Instructor Features:

  • Create and view announcements.
  • Create and view discussion board threads.
  • Post comments on students’ blogs and journals.
  • View tasks, class roster, and embedded media.
  • Favorites allow you to see only certain Blackboard pages inside Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Student Features:

  • View announcements, tasks, class roster, grades, and embedded media.
  • Respond to discussion board forums.
  • Comment on classmates’ blogs and journals.
  • Favorites allow you to see only certain Blackboard pages inside Blackboard Mobile Learn

After downloading Blackboard Mobile Learn and running it for the first time you need to search for “East Carolina University,” then select “East Carolina University” and enter your Pirate ID credentials.  Feel free to examine and get familiar with the functionality of this program.

Update: Blackboard Mobile Learn is now carrier agnostic!  This means that all Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices can use Blackboard Mobile Learn over their carrier’s wireless data network.  All wireless carriers are supported by this new feature.