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Mashups in Content Area of Blackboard

We noticed the Mashup selections in the build content area are not there by default in your spring courses, but there’s a quick work-around. Go to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability, then click the boxes in the far right column for Flickr, YouTube Video, and Slideshare if you want the tools available.

screenshot of toolstools

Blackboard Catalyst Awards

If you believe your Blackboard course is innovative, well-organized, and promotes engagement among your students — and is worthy of exemplary status — consider submitting your course to Blackboard, Inc. for their Catalyst Award nominations. On their website, you can also access past winners/courses. Submissions begin December 1, 2011. Categories are: Community Collaboration, Exemplary Courses, Innovative Development, Mobile Innovation, Staff Development, and Communications Strategy. You may also nominate a fellow instructor. Spread the word!

Downtime for Maintenance

Blackboard and Pirate Drive will be unavailable for a short period of time while we performance maintenance to the systems. The downtime dates are:

  • Saturday, October 8, 2011, 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, October 9, 2011, 9:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

9/7/2011 10:57am – Blackboard is down

9/7/2011 12:21

This issue has been fixed.

9/7/2011 10:58am

ECU Faculty and Students –
We are currently experiencing problems with the Blackboard platform.  After some initial diagnostics we felt it was better to take the platform offline while we fix the issue that you are currently experiencing.  Many of you have received calls about failed tests or content that is not viewable.  All of those emails and calls are directly related to the problems that we have been troubleshooting in Bb.

We will be updating this page with more information about this downtime as more information becomes available.  We are sorry for this inconvenience and frustration. We are working towards a resolution as quickly as possible.     If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone please call or email / 252-328-9074

– Blackboard Support Team

Blackboard Issues


During the upgrade process, the course collapse settings were reset to default values, which means they are no longer linked together.

We have been informed that the best course of action is to restore from backup as of Blackboard update regarding collapsing courses into one section.

We are asking that you RE-SUBMIT any section collapse requests that you need for Summer Session 1, Summer Session 2, and Fall Semester.

  • ****Please submit the requests at . So, if you have already submitted section to be collapsed use the link we just gave you to simply send us the sections you want RE-COLLAPSED.****
  • Summer Session 1 requests will be processed first; then we will follow with Summer Session 2, and Fall.
  • We are asking you to re-submit in order to verify that your information is correct and up to date. ****All of your content is still there; we just need to re-associate sections based on your request.
  • Lastly, the Turning Point building block used with clickers is not fully working yet. We are working with Turning Point and Blackboard on the fix. Once it is fixed, we will notify you. FIXED
  • We will provide updates on the issue on the IT Help Desk page, , and on our Blackboard blog:
  • We will update campus via email once all the issues are resolved. If you have questions please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.

May 16-20, 2011

Hello Everyone –

The Blackboard team is aware of and working on some problems some of you might have experienced this week.  Here is a quick list of what we know is going on.

  • Collapsed sections have been uncollapsed. NEARLY FIXED, still doing QA. See above link to re-submit a course collapse request if you have not done so already.
  • Courses made available are no longer available. FIXED
  • Button feature for menu items not working w/drag & drop FIXED
  • When posting an Announcement, the send to email feature is not present.
  • Turning Point clicker building block is not working. FIXED

ECU has tier 1 support and Blackboard is working on all issues and bugs right now.

We will update this page with any information we receive on these issue and will send an email with important news. Matt Long, Cindy Bowers

May 23-27, 2011

  • Test & SafeAssign – to create a Test or SafeAssign, normally the tools are under “Create Assessment” but are now located under “Create Interactive” — we are working on a fix! FIXED
  • Students are not able to post to the discussion board. We think this is a browser issue; we are working on a fix.

Blackboard Course Purge on 4/14/2011

Hello Blackboard Faculty –

On 4/14/2011 (extended from 4/08/11) we will be purging a good amount of ECU Blackboard sites.  We are doing so to keep within our storage limits and business policy of keeping only 2 years worth of Blackboard sites in our production system.  Some of you may want to save some of your 2007, 2008 and Spring 2009 sites.  That’s perfectly fine.  To do so, you will simply need to submit those past Bb course ID’s — fill out the form HERE by end of business on 4/14/2011.  By doing this, you ensure that your past course(s) will not be deleted on our purge date  (4/14/2011 ). If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to give me a call or email.  252-328-9074 /

In summary:
On 4/14/2011 we will be purging ALL courses from the following semesters, unless you request your past course(s) to be saved.

  • 2007 Fall
  • 2008 Spring
  • 2008 Summer (SS#1, SS#2 and Full term)
  • 2008 Fall
  • 2009 Spring

If you have any questions, contact Matt Long, (328-9074) or Cindy Bowers, (252-328-9167).

Blackboard 9 Video Tutorials – Grade Center, Tests and the Assignment Tool

The launch date of Blackboard 9 is rapidly approaching ( May 2011)  You may be interested in the quick video tutorials Blackboard has developed to help you get  familiar with Blackboard 9 environment.  The videos below cover the Grade Center, Create Tests, the Assignment Tool and Student Performance.

Assessing Learners

Grade Center

  1. Customizing the Grade Center View!
  2. Creating Smart Views!
  3. Creating a Grade Rule!
  4. Viewing Grade Details!
  5. Anonymous Grading!
  6. Creating Grading Notes!
  7. Creating a Grade Center Report!
  8. Creating a Grading Rubric!
  9. Grading Assessments Question by Question!
  10. Viewing and Downloading Grade History!
  11. Color Code the Grade Center!
  12. Working Offline with the Grade Center

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

  1. Creating a Test – New!!
  2. Tour the Question Finder Feature!
  3. Reading Survey Submissions!
  4. Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey!
  5. Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft® Excel!
  6. Creating a Fill in the Blank Question!
  7. Creating a Short Answer Question!
  8. Creating a Matching Question!
  9. Creating a True or False Question!
  10. Adding an Existing Question to a Test!
  11. Creating a Calculated Formula Question!
  12. Creating a Calculated Numeric Question!
  13. Creating an Essay Question!
  14. Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question!
  15. Creating a Hot Spot Question!
  16. Creating a Jumbled Question!
  17. Creating a Likert Question!
  18. Creating a Multiple Answer Question!
  19. Creating a Multiple Choice Question!
  20. Creating an Ordering Question!
  21. Creating a Quiz Bowl Question!
  22. Tagging Questions for Reuse!
  23. Building a Pool!
  24. Creating a Random Block and Adding It to a Test!


  1. Using SafeAssign!
  2. Downloading Assignments!
  3. Clean Out Graded Assignment Files!

Student Performance

  1. Performance Dashboard!
  2. Sending Notifications – New!

Blackboard 9 Video Tutorials – Communicating & Collaborating

The launch date of Blackboard 9 is rapidly approaching.  You may be interested in the quick video tutorials Blackboard has developed to help get instructors familiar with Blackboard 9.  There are 3 different parts: Understanding  & Building your Course, Communicating & Collaborating, and Assessing Learners.

Communicating & Collaborating

Using the Discussion Board

  1. Grading a Discussion Board Forum!
  2. Grading a Discussion Board Thread!

Managing Group Work

  1. Creating a Group!
  2. Creating Group Sets!
  3. Getting Started with Groups Read It!

Blogs and Journals

  1. Creating a Journal!
  2. Commenting on a Journal Entry!
  3. Creating a Blog!
  4. Creating and Editing Blog Entries!
  5. Commenting on a Blog Entry!


  1. Creating a Wiki!
  2. Editing a Wiki Page!
  3. Viewing a Wiki Page History – New!!
  4. Grading a Wiki!

Announcements and Scheduling

  1. Creating Announcements!
  2. Creating a Course Task!
  3. Creating a Course Contact!
  4. Sending Email!
  5. Sending Blackboard Messages!

Blackboard 9 Video Tutorials – Understanding and Building Content

The launch date of Blackboard 9 is rapidly approaching.  You may be interested in the quick video tutorials Blackboard has developed to help get instructors familiar with Blackboard 9.  There are 3 different parts: Understanding & Building your Course, Communicating & Collaborating, and Assessing Learners.

Understanding  & Building Your Course

  1. Your Course Environment – New!
  2. Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course!
  3. Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point!
  4. Creating a Blank Page (for displaying content) on the Course Menu!
  5. Adding an Avatar to Personalize Your Course Environment!
  6. Make Your Course Available to Students!
  7. Using the Text Editor
  8. Building a Learning Module!
  9. Adding a Glossary Term!
  10. Creating a Blank Page!
  11. Creating a Tool Link!
  12. Adding a URL -New!!
  13. Creating a Mashup!
  14. Attaching Course Files to a Content Item!
  15. Tour the Course Files Feature!
  16. Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files!
  17. Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item!
  18. Searching for Standards!
  19. Aligning Content to Standards!
  20. Running a Class Coverage Report!
  21. Turning Tool Availability On and Off!
  22. Making Tools Available to Students!
  23. Changing the Course Language Pack!
  24. Changing the User Language Pack!
  25. Permitting and Restricting Guest and Observer Access!
  26. Turning On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item!
  27. Running a Report of All User Activity!
  28. Running a Report of User Activity by Forum!
  29. Running a Report of User Activity by Content Area!
  30. Running a Report of User Activity by Group!
  31. Saving a Course Report!
  32. Importing a Course Package!