Monthly Archives: January 2011

Weekly Bb9 Training + Mini Video Tutorials

ITCS will be offering Bb9 training each week on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday.   Here is the schedule.  If you want to sign up for a training session you will need to click this link to sign up.

To register for training:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your PirateID.  Off-campus users sign on by typing the following: INTRA\PirateID
  3. Choose a class link on the calendar.
  4. Click the “Sign Up/Unregister” button (top of the details dialog).

Weekly Email and Videos – Each week or so we will be sending out an email (The Weekly Word) with a bit of information about a new feature in Bb 9.  We will keep a running list of all of the videos here for your viewing pleasure.

January 2011 videos:

  • Bb 9 – The Migration
  • Bb9 vs Bb8. In this 4 minute video I go over some of the basic differences between Bb8 and Bb9.  The areas covered are the navigation menu, the control panel location and the ability to drag and drop in Bb9 to re-order the navigation area, announcements and content folders and items.
  • Bb9 Navigation – In this 2 minute video you will get an overview of the new navigation area in Bb9.
  • The Edit Button - Learn how to toggle between the faculty and student view of your course (ECU video).
  • Bb9 Course Tools – Short video describing how to set tool availability in Bb9 (ECU video).

February 2011 videos:

  • The Bb9 Content Area – Learn about the new content area in Blackboard 9.  New interface and some new choices.
  • The Groups Area in Bb9 – Learn about new types of groups that are now available for you to take advantage of in Bb9.
  • Grade Center – Take a look at the Grade Center. A few changes.

March 2011 videos:

April 2011 videos: