Blackboard 9 Video Tutorials – Grade Center, Tests and the Assignment Tool

The launch date of Blackboard 9 is rapidly approaching ( May 2011)  You may be interested in the quick video tutorials Blackboard has developed to help you get  familiar with Blackboard 9 environment.  The videos below cover the Grade Center, Create Tests, the Assignment Tool and Student Performance.

Assessing Learners

Grade Center

  1. Customizing the Grade Center View!
  2. Creating Smart Views!
  3. Creating a Grade Rule!
  4. Viewing Grade Details!
  5. Anonymous Grading!
  6. Creating Grading Notes!
  7. Creating a Grade Center Report!
  8. Creating a Grading Rubric!
  9. Grading Assessments Question by Question!
  10. Viewing and Downloading Grade History!
  11. Color Code the Grade Center!
  12. Working Offline with the Grade Center

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

  1. Creating a Test – New!!
  2. Tour the Question Finder Feature!
  3. Reading Survey Submissions!
  4. Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey!
  5. Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft® Excel!
  6. Creating a Fill in the Blank Question!
  7. Creating a Short Answer Question!
  8. Creating a Matching Question!
  9. Creating a True or False Question!
  10. Adding an Existing Question to a Test!
  11. Creating a Calculated Formula Question!
  12. Creating a Calculated Numeric Question!
  13. Creating an Essay Question!
  14. Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question!
  15. Creating a Hot Spot Question!
  16. Creating a Jumbled Question!
  17. Creating a Likert Question!
  18. Creating a Multiple Answer Question!
  19. Creating a Multiple Choice Question!
  20. Creating an Ordering Question!
  21. Creating a Quiz Bowl Question!
  22. Tagging Questions for Reuse!
  23. Building a Pool!
  24. Creating a Random Block and Adding It to a Test!


  1. Using SafeAssign!
  2. Downloading Assignments!
  3. Clean Out Graded Assignment Files!

Student Performance

  1. Performance Dashboard!
  2. Sending Notifications – New!