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Planned Downtime Sunday Feb 26th 7am – noon

Blackboard down for scheduled maintenance

If you attempted to access the Blackboard login page and were redirected here it’s because Blackboard is down for scheduled maintenance.

Blackboard will be down and not accessible from 7am – noon on Feb 26th (Sunday).

If you have any questions you can go to for more information.

– ECU Blackboard Support Team


Known Issue – Username and password requests in Bb

We have received some calls about having to enter username and password info multiple times when attempting to open Internet Explorer files.  This is a known issue that has a solution.

Blackboard still does not recognize Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser (“IE 7.0”) as fully compatible. If you are using IE 7, please add Blackboard as a Trusted Site .

To address these two issues, you must add  as a Trusted Site.  

1 -Open the Blackboard login page in Internet Explorer 7.0 and choose Tools and select Internet Options.
2 – Go to the Security tab and click on the Trusted Sites icon. Click Sites to open the Trusted Sites box.
3 – The URL for the Blackboard Academic Suite server should appear in the Add this website to the zone field. If not, enter the URL that is used to access the Blackboard Academic Suite in the field. ( ) Click Add.
4 – If the site was added correctly then the Blackboard site should display under Websites
NOTE: Make sure that Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone is NOTchecked.
5 – Choose Close and then Ok. Close the Internet Explorer window and reopen to the Blackboard website.

Here is how ——>  LINK

Wiki Tool Availability

2/6/12… If you are in a content area and want to add a Wiki assignment, click “Add Interactive.” If Wiki is not one of the choices, you simply need to make that tool available. You can accomplish that by going to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability > scroll down to Wiki and check the box in the last column, all the way to the right, which will make it available in the content areas of your course.

Blackboard External Account Requests

Each semester guests are invited into ECU courses for a variety of reasons.  Some are asked to share their expertise and knowledge in their field and many participate in Discussion Forums or speak at live SabaMeeting sessions.  If you need to enroll such a guest in your course or SabaMeeting session, please note that there is a process for creating a guest (external user) account.  Guests may have access to student work, student engagement, course content, assessments and login ID’s, therefore this process is in place to ensure that the security and confidentiality of student information is protected in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

An external user is any non-ECU user that will be participating as a Student, Course Reviewer, or Content Reviewer in your Blackboard course.  If you need to add an external user to your Blackboard course, please complete the Blackboard External Access Request form within the Online Help Desk (in the Online Access Forms area). Look for the ”  Blackboard External Access Request (Requires ECU Sponsor) “ on the left side of the page.  This form requires the following information:  external user’s name, email address, external recipient’s affiliation, course ID, section number, semester, year, Blackboard level of access needed, reason for request and an expiration date (maximum of 1 year).

All requests will go through an approval process.  As part of this process, the Office of the Registrar will contact the external user and they will be required to sign and return a confidentiality form via scan/email or fax.  The Blackboard team will be notified of all approved requests and will create the non-ECU account.  They will then email account information to the external user.  This process may take up to three to five business days to process.

*Please note, if there are multiple names in the external request, the Registrar must receive a confidentiality form from each person before this request is sent to the Blackboard team.

Blackboard User Notification on Platfom Usage

Sensitive Health, Protected Health, and HIPAA Data:  Content that is protected by HIPAA, or considered sensitive personal health data, protected health or otherwise should NOT be posted online in any form, even if it is protected by password. This includes sharing any HIPAA, PHI, and other sensitive data protected content while using any of ECU’s software programs. HIPAA, PHI, and other sensitive data content should be 100% offline, and should be protected in accordance with the privacy rules.

It is the responsibility of the instructor of the course to ensure content is approved to be shared with sources external to the United States.   If there are questions on country, content, or access, then please contact the Research Compliance Officer within the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC), Hiromi Sanders (  More information on applicable United States Federal laws, including CFR 15 Parts 300 to 799, Commerce and Foreign Trade can be found at

All ECU faculty, staff, students and approved external users are expected to follow applicable security policies. These include but are not limited to the following:

**Data Retention: All semester related data is kept in Blackboard for 2 years and then purged. Leading up to the purge date faculty are given time to request that the course site be saved from the purge process.  Secondly, faculty are given instruction on how to archive or export their courses .