Bb Respondus Lockdown Browser – Resources/Instructional Info

We are excited to offer you a tool that integrates with Blackboard, designed to reduce test-taking issues. Your email messages from students who are reportedly kicked out of tests will be greatly reduced. Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure, custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. Instructors will find the tool in their Bb course, under Control Panel > Course Tools > LockDown Browser (no installation necessary for instructors). When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading! All ITCS computers labs will have LockDown Browser installed on the machines. Or, instructors can send a link to students to install the browser on their home computers. The browser will only be used for test-taking within the Blackboard environment. We have instructions for installation for students below.

New! Troubleshooting Tips for Instructors below:

    • Usually, if something occurs (screen goes blank or connection is lost) after the student has started a quiz, there is likely a network issue or local system issue (their own computer). Two examples: Windows started an automatic update and initiated a restart. A family member is watching streaming HD movies on the same wi-fi network connection. If “Force Completion” is NOT checked, students may be able to log back in and continue. If not, a “clear attempt” will be necessary if the instructor allows another attempt.
    • If a few students are having problems on their own computers, it is likely a configuration/setup issue on their personal computer. If ALL students succesfully installed LDB and have problems logging into the test, it is likely a LockDown Browser configuration setting. You should double check under Edit Test Options that you did NOT delete the default password or UNcheck the Password Required box. That is an LDB-generated password that needs to be in place (you do not need to provide that to students). A Blackboard Admin will be happy to help you check your settings. Contact,, or
    • If all students in a managed computer lab have a problem logging into a test, it is likely a  network issue or configuration of the managed computers. Contact,, or in that case, and let us know which computer lab has the problem.
    • Please click HERE to review a LDB troubleshooting information PDF.

Cheating on tests, online or face-to-face, is a universal problem that will never go away; however, LockDown Browser will definitely cut down on some of those instances. See the article on online cheating:

Here’s why we like LockDown Browser:

    • Integrates with Blackboard; instructor has the choice whether to utilize LockDown browser for one test or all tests.
    • Compatible with PC and Mac
    • Built-in calculator can be enabled by instructor.
    • Assessments are displayed full-screen and cannot be minimized
    • Assessments cannot be exited until submitted by users for grading
    • Task switching or access to other applications is prevented
    • Printing functions are disabled
    • Print Screen and capturing functions are disabled
    • Copying and pasting anything to and from an assessment is prohibited
    • Right-click menu options are disabled
    • Function keys are disabled
    • Screen capture, messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machine, and network monitoring applications are blocked from running
    • The browser automatically starts at the login page for the institution’s course management system
    • URLs cannot be typed by the user
    • External links don’t compromise the “locked” testing environment
    • Assessments that are set up for use with Respondus LockDown Browser cannot be accessed with other browsers.

Following is a list of the labs where LockDown Browser is installed:

  • Allied Health and Nursing 2160
  • Allied Health and Nursing 2520 (Laupus Library computer lab)
  • Austin 104
  • Belk 3102
  • Brody School of Medicine Lab (BR2L37)
  • Kim Lab (Brewster 213 and 214)
  • Mendenhall Basement
  • Minges 82
  • PCMH 3 MA327
  • Rawl 135
  • Rawl 208
  • Rawl 304
  • Rivers 139
  • Scales 132
  • Ward 374

Some extra  hints & tips for using LockDown Browser:

For Windows systems and Macintosh systems with additional security software, we suggest relaxing any security settings to “medium”, add “lockdown.exe” (Windows) or “LockDown” (Macintosh) as a “trusted application” and ECU’s Blackboard server address ( as a “trusted site” in any security software.

For students, we recommend closing down all applications including background applications except for security and network connectivity prior to starting LockDown Browser. Any background downloading of files, streaming music or automated backups should be suspended until after the test has been completed with LockDown Browser.

If using a wireless network connection, students should check check connectivity strength, 4-5 bars in Windows or 3-4 arcs in Macintosh, prior to starting a test with LockDown Browser. If connectivity strength is low or there is difficulty navigating through web pages on a standard browser, students should seek a wired network connection prior to writing a test with LockDown Browser.

Please click HERE to review a LDB troubleshooting information PDF.