Student emails bouncing back


ECU Faculty –
We have had  reports from a few faculty  that emails sent from within Blackboard are bouncing back to the sender (faculty member) as undelivered. This does not appear to be a widespread issue. We have determined that this is not a Bb related issue but something related to our email system.  We are currently working  with out vendor (Microsoft) to fix this error.   Once we have solved this issue  this blog post will be updated.  Here is an example of how the error is presenting itself.

1- In blackboard you attempt to send an email to ” All Users” in the Bb email client.  –> tools/email/
2 – Moments after sending out the email it bounces with an error similiar to what you see below.  If this happens to you please report this to or asap.

Error Example

On 9/19/12 2:08 PM, “Mail Delivery Subsystem”

<> wrote:

 >The original message was received at Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:08:24 -0400

>(EDT) from [

>   —– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–


 Current Workarounds

1 – In Blackboard.  Control panel / Tools / Email / Select User. Select the user in question and send the email to this person individually.

2 -If you get an email bounced back to you please simply send that course update to the student in question using  OUTLOOK.  Another option is to add all email information into individual Announcements. That way, all students will be able to see your updates in the Announcement area versus though the normal email channel.