Course Copy and/or Collapse for Spring ’13 Courses

In anticipation of Spring 2013, you may want to copy your Fall course content into your Spring course shell. Or you might want a course merge (also known as collapse). Go to our Course Copy-Section Merge web page to learn how to copy content yourself, merge multiple sections, or submit a request. For instructions, you can watch a mini-video or view a PDF – your choice. It’s quite easy to do your own course copy from one semester to the next and you decide what should be copied.

Things to remember about course copy and course merge:

  • By doing your own course copy, you decide what should be copied. The actual process of you going through through the steps takes 1-2 minutes at the most.
  • When you do your own course copy, remember that depending on the amount of content in your course or the Bb “traffic” (1-2 weeks before the semester when many instructors are doing the course copy process at the same time, your content might take longer to show up. Normally it is 15 minutes or less. It is important that you do not get impatient and repeat the process, or your content will duplicate and you’ll have lots of cleanup to do. Watch for a COURSE COPY RECEIPT in your email inbox after you click Submit. Do not panic if it is not instant; the content will show up.
  • If you want a section merge AND course copy, which comes first? The section merge, then do your course copy.
  • If you do a section merge of two sections (e.g., 001 and 601), your student enrollments for each section will merge into your “parent” section.

Questions? Matt Long, 328-9074 OR Cindy Bowers, 328-9167