Blackboard Avatar Workaround

The avatar feature in Bb has been turned off since the May upgrade because the latest version of the tool could potentially share ECU user IDs/email addresses to Bb 3rd party vendors. We don’t want that sharing feature, so we turned it off.  The workaround below allows faculty and students to add avatars BUT does have some limitations.

First off, faculty and students cannot add miscellaneous information about themselves in the profile area.  Secondly, the avatar rollover feature will not work.  We realize this is not a perfect solution, but we are hoping it is a reasonable workaround until the Profile tool is updated in September. We will keep you updated. In the meantime…

Here is how to add an avatar to your ECU Blackboard profile.

1 – Open the Navigation Pane by clicking the Gray icon at the top. Then click the SETTINGS option.


2 –  Click Personal Information.Bb_personalinfo3 – Click Personalize My Settingspersonalize

4 – Browse and choose your Avatar.  You will need to logout and log back into Bb to see it.

browser to avatar

Example of Avatar in the discussion boards area.