Introducing, QWICKLY !

What is Qwickly?

Qwickly is a user-centric productivity platform for Blackboard.  Qwickly allows faculty to make courses available, send emails, post announcements, and post content to multiple courses at once. We are confident that this will be a huge time saver for those teaching many courses or multiple sections of the same course.

Qwickly was designed to dramatically simplify the workflow of common tasks. One great example is the Make Course Available Tool. Consider the current workflow to make a course available in Blackboard.  Go into each course, select the Properties area in the Control Panel, change the value of Make Course Available to Yes, and then submit the form. We’ve taken this repetitive task (which needs to be done for every course) and created a tool that lets the user complete the task in just a single click.

The vendor, Qwickly, has four videos on YouTube to learn more about the features. Please click the links to access the videos:

Making your courses Available or Unavailable

Posting an Announcement in one Course or Multiple Courses

Sending Email in one Course or Multiple Courses

Posting Content in one Course or Multiple Courses

The screenshot below shows the Qwickly Module on your Blackboard landing page. You can slide it up or toward the top of your landing page if you’d like to reorder the modules. (By default it is at the bottom.)