Update 10/5/16: Building block is NOW working.

Blackboard’s building block for is not working as expected.

The issue: Faculty are unable to embed a new course into a Blackboard course. Note: If you had pre-existing course links in your previous Bb courses, your links should still work. engineers are working toward a resolution.

The Work-Around: As a work-around, please follow the instructions:

Part 1

  1. Log into ECU’s here with your Pirate ID and password.
  2. Search for content to find the Lynda course you’d like in your Bb course. Click the Lynda course name.
  3. Once you decide on a course, click Share and then Copy, which will give you the URL to paste in your Bb course. Please see screenshot below.

screenshot share

Part 2

  1. Return to your Blackboard course and go into the content area of your choice.
  2. Choose Build Content, then Add Web Link (screenshot below).
  3. Type a name for your Web Link (e.g., course)
  4. Paste, which will add the URL you got from (Windows users > Ctrl+V = paste. Mac users > Command-V = paste.)
  5. Submit.

screenshot web link

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to ECU’s support team.