Known Issues Sept 2016

Thanks to messages by faculty to our Blackboard Team, we were able to research and replicate a couple of issues. If you do not use the Discussion Board, do not give online tests or do not give online tests with question types needing manual grading (e.g., essay or short answer), this post is not for you.

We did contact Blackboard Learn and the two issues below are Known Issues. We do not know when a fix will be in place; however, we have workaround suggestions.

Discussion Board Access Denied Error Message. This happens when discussion forums are no longer available, either by selecting No for availability or by choosing date/time settings during the forum setup. The work-around for now:

  1. If you have non-gradable forums (chosen from settings), you will not be able to read the posts if the forum has been made unavailable by either the unavailable button or by date settings. A red Access Denied message will pop up. You will need to make the forum available again. (Suggestion until the fix: By creating a forum worth 0 points, instead of “no grading,” the students’ posts can be read from Needs Grading or Full Grade Center.) Of course, you can make the forum available again; however, all students will see the forum.
  2. If you have gradable discussion forums, which were set as unavailable either by the unavailable button or by date settings, you will need to read the posts from either Needs Grading or Full Grade Center. If you try to read from the actual Discussion Forum, you will get a red Access Denied message. Of course, you can make the forum available again; however, all students will see the forum.

Save and Next Button / Exit Button Not Working When Grading Tests with Answers Needing Manual Grading. When grading test attempts on a Blackboard quiz or test after all submissions are in, you may be used to grading the short answer or essay questions, and then moving to the next student by clicking “Save and Next.” The Exit button and the Save and Exit button are not working as expected. Choose the Save and Next button and ignore false error, “This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave. Data you have entered may not be saved.” The data IS in fact saved, so it is okay to choose Leave Page. It will take you back to the full grade center.  Note: We recommend you use the “breadcrumb trail” instead of the browser’s back button when you want to simply go one page back, e.g., the Grade Center. (Screenshot below.) It’s that little bar above your menu bar (not up in the browser search bar) and all the way to the left of the Edit Mode On/Off button. (Depending on your color scheme, it may not be prominent; however, once you get in the habit of using it, you’ll know where it is.)

screenshot breadcrumb trail