Purging of past Bb Course sites. 2013/2014/2015


Every year we purge old Blackboard courses. We do so to stay within our storage goals and business policy of keeping only two years of Blackboard sites in our production system.  In a few short weeks, we will be purging all 2013/2014/2015 course sites.. The purge date is May 7th, 2017.

To save any courses from 2013,2014,2015, please fill out the following survey – please do this before 5/7/2017. 


If you’d like to export or archive your own courses, it is easy.

Export: Only course content
Archive: All course content, student interactions and gradebook data

In both an export or an archive you will be saving a .zip offline for your records. Please save these files in a secure location like Piratedrive.

  1. Go to the Control Panel in your Blackboard course, click Properties and Utilities.
  2. Click Archive course.
  3. Include Grade Center History if you want to save student work.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Wait for an email confirming the archive process.
  6. Once you receive the email, go back to Export/Archive Course under the Control Panel. Click to download to a secure location (e.g., Pirate Drive).

Please download the one-page PDF, How to Archive Your Course for further details, including FERPA and HIPAA regulations regarding privacy. Note: The .zip file is only useful once uploaded back to the Blackboard environment. Blackboard vendor tutorial. 

Questions? Contact Matt or Adam

longm@ecu.edu or brewera@ecu.edu